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A Tribute

April 2, 1994 –

February 14, 2013

Eitan Story

Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins

A Long Walk, Together

In all honesty, it is difficult to pinpoint and simply recall just one event from the time I had with Eitan because there were so many. Eitan and I spent countless days and hours together through much of high school, but senior year was when our friendship really bloomed. February break of 2012, I spent nearly every day and much of the night in the basement with him. The two of us would talk, discuss, and then maybe watch a movie. Looking back at our friendship, I would have to say that it was during this break that we both transcended from a "close friend" to a "best friend", and even though we never outright said it since neither of us were to keen on that touchy-feely stuff, in the time that we spent together I knew we both felt a bond towards each other that will remain unbreakable.

As the relationship I had with Eitan grew through the course of the year, I remember thinking to myself last year how our friendship seemed to grow with the warming months, and this proved to be true. Once april and may came around, the two of us would meet together during fourth period. Sometimes I'd go to his class to pick him up, sometimes he'd come to mine. The two of us would skip our fourth period class (we both had classes that really didn't matter, especially to two seniors weeks away from graduation), and we wouldn't even hide the fact that we were skipping from our teachers. The two of us would walk around without a destination, soak in the sun and just talk together. We would do this, walk back to school once fourth period was over and meet with the rest of our friends. This was a nearly daily ritual and more times than not ended in us asking each other "Why the hell did we skip? We didn't even do anything". Maybe it was out of our dislike for our 4th period, maybe it was something else, but the two of us essentially stopped going to our last class through much of last spring.

Maybe I don't have a right to do so, maybe it's selfish of me to even say but just the fact that this website exists, and the notion that I have to describe Eitan in the past tense is something that remains unbearable and surreal, especially since the dreams, the emotions, the thoughts i've had about him continue to happen in the present. As much as I want to say how much of an injustice that such a great mind, a great person could be taken away, the greather injustice would have been living in a world where I didn't get to feel the infinite emotions I have for him. I don't know if there is an afterlife, and I don't know if I'll ever get to look into his big eyes again. But I know that in this moment I feel closer to him than ever, and that he will never leave me until the day that I die, and to me, that is more beautiful than any heaven, and more timeless than any memory I have of him. In february of last year he became my best friend. This past february he literally became a part of me. So in that sense I still go to the park with Eitan, I talk to him without saying a word, and most importantly I still go on walks with Eitan until I reach the end of my road.

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