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A Tribute

April 2, 1994 –

February 14, 2013

Eitan Story

Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins


Just another good memory.

One time Ian, Eitan and I went to Cranes beach this past summer with a bunch of people from Rindge; Meilin, Alexandra T., Maxine, Sarah R., Grace C., and Kira G. (sorry if I forgot anyone). Eitan had tried to put sunscreen on his own back but naturally only managed to get the upper and lower back. At the end of the day his entire mid-back was bright red, while the spots he managed to reach were fine. It was hilarious and I think I gave him a nice five-star for not asking someone to help him. This is a great picture (he tried to claim it wasn't him because you can't see his face).

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It means so much to learn about who Eitan was in the world. Please email Lisë your story – can be for my eyes only, or to publish here, just let me know.

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