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A Tribute

April 2, 1994 –

February 14, 2013

Eitan Story

Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins

Peer Leadership

I met Eitan through peer leadership in my junior year. Throughout the semester, I got to know him, as well as Kerri, Mae, and Lauren, the other girls in the class. We spent a lot of time talking together, and it was a really lovely group of people, though we occasionally got on each others' nerves.

Kerri drew this picture when Eitan was absent from peer leadership. She was drawing everyone in the class as little cartoons, and since he wasn't there she was being particularly mean and made him wearing short shorts. Paula the receptionist has thought bubbles with some other members of the class that never showed up because they were at the library or the garage (supposedly). Also there was great debate over how to spell Eitan's name, and I'm pretty sure we were all wrong.

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It means so much to learn about who Eitan was in the world. Please email Lisë your story – can be for my eyes only, or to publish here, just let me know.

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