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Lisë’s Blog

In the days, weeks, months since losing Eitan, I began to post weekly reflections, with pictures, on Facebook, an unexpected source of solace, a place to share my grieving process. Eitan left us on a Thursday, and Thursdays have become my counting day (more or less). These posts effectively became, over time, a blog. But I wanted to create a space where anyone (not just those on Facebook) could read these contemplations, perhaps gain comfort, and know that much more about my beautiful son.

With the help of my dear friend Steve Rosenberger, I created an independent blog, launched on 2 April 2014, Eitan's 20th birthday. Please visit Eitan Stern-Robbins z"l*, and subscribe if you like, and follow me on this journey.


* zichrono livracha – זיכרונו לברכה – meaning, “may his memory be a blessing.”

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