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Eitan’s Birthday Menu

Happy 7th birthday Eitan!

For over a decade, my friend and my kids’ adopted aunt Carolyn Faye Fox has been sharing Shabbat dinners with us. Her contribution to the meal has always been her famous salad, which Eitan loved [more...]

Eitan first had this pasta at our friend Theresa Thompson’s house a few years before he left. It immediately became his favorite entrée, and was his meal of choice for his family birthday dinner. [more...]

This cake is super rich – really like a cakified giant candy bar. It’s made with cake mix, yeah, yeah, but it works! A little goes a long way, tho Eitan always managed to have seconds. Somehow, a scoop of ice cream  [more...]

Since Eitan’s birthday is in April,  it seemed every other year he had to make do with a kosher-for-Pesach cake. One year, when his birthday was not during Pesach  [more...]

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In our house, we have multiple birthday celebrations. There's the actual day, a party with friends, and a birthday Shabbat. This was Eitan’s favorite birthday dinner. Plus an extra cake recipe.

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