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A note on the page  background. When Eitan left for college in Miami, he wanted to update his wardrobe. We spent an afternoon shopping, and  he picked out this teal green hoodie he wore a lot. Enough so that his friend Clay Whitely, who helped design the first iteration of the website, suggested that as the background color of choice to honor Eitan.


Eitan's Birthday

Menu Salad

True Confessions: This is not actually a picture of Eitan’s Salad. Couldn't find one. This is an arugula salad I made one time last summer. But this confession just may disappear if I remember to take a photo next time I have Carolyn's version of Eitan's salad.

Eitan's old website

(so you can appreciate the redesign)



Most of the pictures throughout the site were taken by me, Lisë Stern, aka Eitan’s mom. But not all. I’d like to give credit where credit is due. If you see a photo here that’s by you or someone you know who’s not me, please email me and I’ll add a photo credit accordingly.



Eitan's Birthday

Menu Cake

True confessions: Snicker's Cake, not my favorite. It's way too sweet for me, and I like sweet things. I prefer the previous favorite birthday cake, before Snicker's came along – Black Bottom Cupcakes. And because you found your way here, you'll get that recipe too, lucky cook! (soon, very soon)

Easter Eggs

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