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April 2, 1994 –

February 14, 2013

Eitan Story

Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins

Eitan Sam Stern-Robbins

April 2, 2014


Sometimes we have to expect the unexpected,
And sometimes the unexpected has to expect us. 

To cry pity, fear and shame
To always remember his name
And No there was not something wrong with his brain 
Because he did just fine. One of the smartest kids I knew actually 
His goals and dreams and visions, never temporarily blind

He didn’t just succeed but he excelled,
When his brothers were doubtful and insecure, he never fell

Maybe it was his positive outlook or his “I don’t give a shit “ attire
Or maybe he was left to wallow in the mire

We started with 9 and now we are down to 8,
Our brotherhood surpasses its subjective dictionary definition
But I assure you this mustn’t be fate
Nobody deserves to die this young and go out the way you did
But like I said before it wasn’t his brain that was at fault, he made the most out of his opportunities and rather it was our brains that become clouded with fog

This poem is for you Eitan because we love you and always will.
It’s the unconditional love that feels so permanent and that’s because it is
I want to thank you for positively impacting my life and engraining in me that it’s ok “to not give a shit.”

Love your Brother and Captain- Brandon

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