Eitan Rocks!

Mt. Monadnock, N.H.
2013.08.08, A sandstone rock from Colorado (thank you Larry) left by Lisë on the granite of Mt. Monandnock, where Eitan used to climb with his Avoda brothers
Shanghai, China
2013 Summer, by William Corbett, Eitan's close friend from Schechter and Avoda, in a park in the Jewish neighborhood in Shanghai, China.
Masada, Israel
2013 summer. Rocks left by Eitan's fellow 2009 Bunk 14ers from Camp Avoda on top of Masada. Eitan looms large in the center with his brothers around him.
Argyle Falls, Tobago
2013.10.13 by Lisë
Spirit of the Judean Desert, Israel
2013.11.09 by Kim Lerner
I left the rock with the Alef as a symbol of Eitan's eternal Divine presence (his name also beginning with an Alef).
Tucson, AZ
2013.12.13, by Elisa Pepe
This is a rock that reminded me of Eitan because of its maze pattern (he loved to draw mazes).
Tucson, AZ
2013.12.13 by Elisa Pepe
Before leaving Tucson, I placed the rock in a cactus for safekeeping. We miss you, Eitan.
Great Wall of China
2014.06.17 by Julie Reuben
Rock from Beijing left on Jingshanling small tower
By the Seine, Paris
2014.07.06 by Julie Reuben
Half Moon Bay, CA
2014.07.14 by Lisë
Mt. Washington summit, NH
2014.08.21 by Luke Schulert (elevation 6,288 feet)
Dimmurborgir, Iceland
2014.09.05 by Lisë
Gođsfoss, Iceland
2014.09.06 by Lisë
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
2014.09.11 by Lisë
Denali Park, AK
2015.07.20 by Lisë
Savage River, Denali, AK
2015.07.23 by Lisë
Mount Alyeska, Girdwood, AK
2015.07.25 by Lisë
Around 9pm after a hike up the mountain
South Royalton, Vermont
2015.10.05 by Lisë
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There is a Jewish tradition of leaving a rock behind when visiting a grave. Stones represent permanence.

Eitan left us all way too soon. I'm extending the rock-leaving tradition to the world. When you travel somewhere, leave a rock for Eitan. If you want, inscribe his name on it (with a pencil, a sharpie, chalk…), or don’t – it’s enough that you know it’s for him. Take a photo, then send it to me, indicating where in the world it is, and I'll post the #EitanRocks photo here. My hope is for Eitan Rocks to be placed all over the country, all over the world.

Thank you, with love,

© 2017 Lisë Stern
Argyle Falls, Tobago

2013.10.13 by Lisë